Monday, January 18, 2010

Digital Natives

This week you've been introduced to some of the literature concerning today's students - who people think they are, what characteristics, they have, etc. Does any of what you read sound like your students?

For your blog entry this week, I'd like you to reflect on what these two authors have said. How have each of the author's described YOUR students? What have each of the authors said that doesn't describe your students at all? Are there any characteristics, traits or behaviors of your students that none of these authors have even mentioned? Basically, how do you students compare to what these authors have to say?

In addition to the entry responding to this prompt on your own blog this week, please make a comment on at least two of your fellow students' blogs.

Your own response to this prompt should be posted by midnight on Thursday, 21 January 2010. Your comments on other students' blogs should be completed by midnight on Sunday, 24 January 2010.